Our meals and sugar free desserts are created directly by our founder Michelle Arana AKA “Michy'' She uses her passion and love for food (especially Latin food) to create meals and sugar free keto desserts you never thought were possible to eat while dieting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her idea of a meal plan is simple. It has to taste good, it has to work, and most importantly it has to have a latin vibe to it. She designs meals based on her Cuban background and also from her husband’s Nicaraguan roots. The dream started simple while Michy was on her maternity leave in 2019. The popularity of Michy’s Kitchen grew like wild fire with her unique “Keto Arroz Imperial''. A mouthwatering dish from her deep Cuban roots but with a twist.  Michy strives to only use quality ingredients in every meal. We know how tedious calorie tracking may be, so to simplify this process for you, we provide the nutritional value for all our meals on the label, making a healthy lifestyle that is much easier to achieve.